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Soap making machine soap production line

We have a complete soap production line, welcome to contact us about more details.


Soap making machine soap production line

MZH-SP 200L Heating cooling Mixer machine

Product description:

Mainly used for heating chemical liquid, medicine liquid, food liquid such as milk or other fresh liquid.It is an ideal heating and storage equipment for pasture, dairy station, dairy, food and beverage factory, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Accessories including:

(1) the lid that can be opened at the top(2) charging and discharging holes at the bottom,(3) heat transfer inlet/outlet;(4) temperature probe,(5) heating tube,(6) electric cabinet,(7) reduction gear,(8) rack and mixer.

The main electric parts of configuration list

Tank Capacity(L) 200,Cream contacting parts material ss316
Thickness Inner,middle and outer layer 2mm/2mm/1.5mm
The Electric motor 3KW,380V,50HZ,3phz
stainless steel pipe fittings pipes and valves ss316
Electric heating tubes power 12KW,380V,50HZ,3phz
Material Input/output(DN MM) 38
Outside Wooden Box Dimension(L*W*H) CM 1100*1100*1600
Weight  KGs 350

MZH-SP1 Push Soap Machine

Main performance parameters:

Function: suitable for round soap

Control mode: gas

Automation: semi-automatic

Speed :10 strips/min

MZH-SP2 Soap cutting machine


Main performance parameters

  1. Function: for cutting round and square soaps
  2. Control mode: electrical combination
  3. Automation: semi-automatic
  4. Speed: 30 per minute
  5. Air Source: 4 to 6 kg
  6. The main machine structure is 304 stainless steel, convenient and practical, simple operation

MZH-SP3 molding Soap machine


This machine is suitable for all kinds of hand-made soap molding, using imported light curtain safe and reliable, durable, strong hydraulic power, stable and efficient, simple operation, convenient and practical.

Main performance parameters

Functions: Molding for finished shaping of the hand soap

Speed: 20-30 per minute

Pressure: 4 to 6 kg. Cubic centimeter

Power: 220 vSimple operation, convenient and practical, high security

Product size :67*62.5*173CM


MZH-SP4 Soap Wrapping Machine

Scope of application:

MZH-type plastic wrap soap packaging machine various shapes of soap PE stretch film packaging, different sizes of soap can be packaged without changing the mold, a worker can operate two equipment at the same time, reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, easy to use, easy to operate.


  1. The machine uses cylinder drive, smooth and compact operation, packaging effect is good.
  2. Packaging film automatic stretch molding! Automatic recycling!
  3. Automatic nozzle welding.
  4. Packaging different shapes of soap do not need to replace the mold (very special except).
  5. Drive system is simple, reliable, more convenient maintenance.

Technical Parameter:

 Handmade Soap Coating Machine
speed 15-20pc/min
Handmade Soap Specification Diameter ≥40mm
Thickness(High) ≤30mm
Film install Specification Stretch film outer side diameter ≤φ200mm
Stretch film width ≤260mm
Tensile membrane tube core diameter φ≤75mm
             Film thickness 0.02mm
power 110w
Power supply 220V
weight 110KG
size 2300x1000x1650mm(L*W*H)


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