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MZH- 5000L liquid washing homogenizing mixer

Technical parameters:

Volume (L): 5000

Stirring power (kw): 11

Stirring speed (r/min): 0-42

Homogeneous power (kw): 22

Homogeneous rotational speed (r/min): 3000

Heating mode: steam or electric heating (optional)

Note: the data parameters of this device are inconsistent with technical improvement and customization.


MZH- 5000L liquid washing homogenizing mixer

MZH series liquid washing homogenizing mixer is a high performance liquid washing pot specially designed according to the requirement of mass production. It is equipped with self suction dissolving and dispersing device. When the product is produced, a large amount of raw materials can be put into a switch valve in a few minutes. At the same time, it is dispersed evenly and fully mixed in water, and no common artificial feeding is produced. There is a large number of bubbling phenomena, which greatly shorten the production time and reduce energy consumption and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

This series of products have a variety of structural forms of impeller for selection, the pot body also has a variety of shapes, such as normal temperature or heating, normal pressure or vacuum. The product has the advantages of low energy consumption, strong adaptability and wide generality. It is an ideal equipment for production of liquid washing products.


This equipment is suitable for daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other aspects.

  1. Characteristics and principles
  2. the material contact part is SUS316 material, so that products meet GMP requirements.
  3. the high speed disperser is strongly mixed and dense, and solid, liquid and material can quickly dissolve AES, AESA, LSA and other hard dissolving materials in the liquid washing production, and save energy and shorten the production cycle.
  4. Gear pump circulation discharging device can accelerate product forming and quick discharging.
  5. 4. scraping wall stirring, always cater to the shape of the stirred tank, sweep the wall sticky material.
  6. Polishing the surface of the pot and the surface of the pipe.
  7. 6. the main stirring uses a continuously variable transmission device to reduce the formation of bubbles at low temperature and high viscosity.
  8. 7. it is suitable for the production of any products of liquid washing.
  9. 8. it can be directly out of material and can also be supplied with screw pump.


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