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MZH-V food grade sanitary stainless steel vacuum homogenizer mixer for food mixer

Quick Details
Mixer Type:Homogenizer
Max. Loading Capacity:Customized
Voltage:380/220V/110 50HZ, 380/220V/110 50HZ
Material:Stainless Steel


MZH-V food grade sanitary stainless steel vacuum homogenizer mixer  

1.Product description 

a. MZH-V china direct factory sale emulsion mixer machine homogenizer /emulsifier The high linear velocity (generated at the high speed rotating rotor of the High-shear Homogenizing Emulsifier) and strong kinetic energy (generated by the high frequency mechanical effect) put the materials under comprehensive action such as strong shearing, centrifugal extrusion, hydraulic friction, crash etc between the precision gap of the stator and rotor.

b. As the result, the solid phase, liquid phase and gas phase which is insoluble at beginning will prompt evenly dispersed and emulsified after adopting mature production processing and proper quantity additives.

2. Main Features

a. Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier is non-standard designed and manufactured according to customers production processing.


b. It is suitable for materials requiring for being emulsified and mixed under vacuum condition. c. Low-speed scraper is optional for emulsifying and mixing high viscous materials.

d. It can match with Inline High-shear Emulsifier to carry out dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing and mixing processes.

e. Following systems are optional according to requirement: Batching System, Discharging System, Cooling/Heating Temperature Control System, Vacuum System, Nitrogen Protection System, Condensation and Recovery System, PH Value On-line Measurement and Control System, CIP Cleaning System etc.

f. It is with wide application range and the processes are controllable.

g. It can be up to Sanitary Grade at request for mid batch or industrial production in industries such as medicine, food, cosmetic etc.

Our Team

MZH-V food grade sanitary stainless steel vacuum homogenizer mixer for food mixer


1. Q: Are you factory or trading company?

A: We are the professional manufacture of cosmetic machinery in China more than 10years

2. Q: Where is your location?

A: Company and Showroom located in Guangzhou china, Factory located in Jiangsu and Shanghai Province.

3. Q: Are your engineer be able to serve in oversea?

A: Yes, we have a lot of experience install the machine in oversea.

4. Q: What is your material of your product?

A: adopt with full stainless steel 304-2b and 316L

5. Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: Two years spare parts,and full-life service of our machinery.

Our Company to customer satisfaction for the development of three goals: product quality, product technology and after-sales service!



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