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External circulation vacuum Emulsifying mixer


The product is mainly applied in such industries as daily chemical care products, biopharmaceutical industry, food industry, paint and ink, nanometer materials, petrochemical industry, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, pulp & paper, pesticide, fertilizer, plastic & rubber, electrics and electronics, fine chemical industry, etc. The emulsifying effect is more prominent for materials of high base viscosity and high solid content.

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External circulation vacuum Emulsifying mixer

Main composition system

The vacuum emulsifier is composed of water phase pot, oil phase pot, emulsified and stirring main pot, vacuum system, lift system (optional), control system (Electric and PLC type), operation platform.


Performance and characteristics

There are various kinds of vacuum emulsification in our company, in which the homogenization system, the internal and external circulation is homogeneous.

The mixing system is divided into one direction mixing and two-way stirring, and the screw belt is stirred; the lifting system is divided into single cylinder and double cylinder, and the high-quality products are made according to the requirements of the customer.

Three variable agitation adopts imported inverter to meet different production requirements.

The German technology’s homogeneous structure adopts imported double face mechanical seal effect. The maximum emulsification speed can reach 4200 rpm, and the maximum shear fineness can reach 0.2-5um.

Vacuum defoaming is required to achieve aseptic requirements, and vacuum suction is used, especially for powder materials, by vacuum inhalation for a dust free environment.

The main pot lid is used to lift the cover, which is easy to clean it.

The pot body is made of three layers of stainless-steel imported plates, and the tank and pipe are mirror polished, which fully comply with the requirements of GMP.

According to the technological requirements, the tank can be heated and cooled, and the heating methods are of two kinds: steam or electric heating.

In order to ensure that the machine control stability, all electrical and electronic components are imported, to achieve the best international standards.


The advantages of the single machine of the vacuum emulsifier are as follows:

  1. Design: we have a number of design patents for vacuum emulsifying cooker. Its appearance is beautiful, the internal mixing design is advanced, the mixing efficiency is combined with the frame stirring with no dead angle and the screw the belt mixing design is made to improve the mixing efficiency; the homogenizer adopts the homogeneous structure of German technology and adopts the imported double end mechanical seal and shearing. The emulsifying effect is good, and the sealing is good; the main pot cover can be used in single cylinder or double cylinder according to the customer’s requirements, and the cleaning and maintenance are easy; the pot body can pour out the material and the efficiency is high.
  2. Material: we choose imported or imported plates from Japan or Finland, and the quality is guaranteed.
  3. Welding: the barrel body adopts automatic welding technology, the weld seam is always good, and the agitation adopts seamless welding to avoid cleaning the dead angle.
  4. Polishing: both inside and outside the tank are mirror polished, fully in line with the requirements of GMP.
  5. Vacuum: high vacuum degree up to -0.09Mpa, good defoaming effect.
  6. Electrical appliances: use SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, Schneider and other imported electrical equipment to ensure that the entire machine control is more stable, and fully meet the international standards.


Technical Parameter

  Capacity (L) KW RPM KW RPM L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) MAX H (mm) Electric Heating (KW) Steam Heating (KW)
MZH-VT20L 20 0.75 0-3000 0.37 0-40 1450 1650 1450 2000 9 3
MZH-VT50L 50 2.2-4.0 0-3000 1.1 0-40 2160 2500 1920 2650 18 9
MZH-VT100L 100 3.0-4.0 0-3000 1.5 0-40 2385 2600 1920 2900 32 13
MZH-VT150L 150 3.0-4.0 0-3000 1.5 0-40 2385 2600 1920 2900 32 13
MZH-VT200L 200 4.0-5.5 0-3000 2.2 0-40 2685 3000 2380 3240 45 15
MZH-VT350L 350 4.0-7.5 0-3000 3 0-40 3000 3400 3500 3600 49 18
MZH-VT500L 500 5.5-7.5 0-3000 3.0-4.0 0-40 3000 3500 2400 3950 63 24
MZH-VT1000L 1000 7.5-11.0 0-3000 4.0-7.5 0-40 3600 4200 3300 4550 90 30
MZH-VT2000L 2000 11.0-15.0 0-3000 7.5 0-40 4800 4200 3800 5400 120 40


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