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MZH-L Fully automatic single-head plane labeling machine


MZH-L Fully automatic single-head plane labeling machine


Applicable label: self-adhesive label, self-adhesive film, PIATS, barcode, etc.

Applicable products: the products that need to attach labels or film on the plane or the large radian surface.

Application industry: used in printing, stationery, toys, wine industry, packaging, food, daily chemical, electronics, medicine, and other industries.

Application examples: book surface label, folder label, carton label, plate label, etc.



1. Widely application, which can meet the product flat label and self-adhesive film with product width of 30mm-300mm, and the replacement of marking mechanism can meet the uneven surface label;

2. High labeling accuracy, accurate marking driven by step motor or servo motor;The deviation rectifying mechanism is designed to ensure that there is no left or right deviation during label traction.The eccentric wheel technology is applied to the traction mechanism. The traction label does not slip to ensure accurate marking.

3. Sturdy and durable, with a three-rod adjusting mechanism, making full use of the stability of the triangle, making the whole machine firm and durable;

4. High stability, panasonic PLC+ dimensional control touch screen + panasonic needle electric eye + lait/titis label electric eye advanced electric control system, supporting the operation of equipment 7 x 24 hours;

5. Simple adjustment, 6-dof adjustable adjustable seat design, simple and time-saving conversion between different products;

6. Flexible application, single machine production or assembly line production, simple production site layout;

7. Intelligent control, automatic electro-optical tracking, with no object and no label, to prevent tag waste;

8. Touch screen operation interface, all-chinese annotation and complete failure prompt function, simple and quick adjustment of various parameters and convenient operation;

9. Powerful function, with production counting function, power saving function, production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function, convenient for production management;

10. Optional features: thermal code/printing code, automatic feeding and feeding, automatic material receiving, adding label device and other functions (customized according to customer requirements).


Technical Parameter(the belowing is the standard parameter, all different size can be customized)

Model Output Speed 5~25m/min
Label Length 6~250mm Labeling Speed 40~150pcs/min
Label Width 20~150mm Transport Speed 5~25m/min
Products Length 40~400mm Weight 180kg
Products Width 40~300mm Voltage 220V 50Hz
Products Height 0.2~150mm Power 1.2kw
Roller outer dia. Ø280mm Conveyor Direction From left to right
Roller inner dia. Ø76mm Machine Size 1650*700*1400mm
Accurancy ±1mm




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