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Semi-automatic high precision plane labeling machine

Scope of application

Applicable label: self-adhesive label, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.

Applicable products: products that need to be labeled on plane, cambered surface, concave surface, convex surface or other surfaces.

Application industry: widely used in printing, cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine and other industries.

Application examples: SD card labeling, battery labeling, etc.


Semi-automatic high precision plane labeling machine

Functional features:

1.High precision labeling technology, labeling accuracy up to 0.2mm.To meet the needs of high-precision labeling;

2.High precision, suitable for small label labeling, supporting the length and width of small to 6-8mm labels;

3.The operation is simple and convenient, and the labeling process can be completed manually by loading and unloading materials.

4.Safe operation, package of transmission parts, separate layout of circuit and air circuit, avoid abnormal occurrence, safer use;

5.High stability, using PLC+ subdivision stepper motor + optical fiber sensor composed of advanced electronic control system, support equipment 7 24 hours operation;

6.The feeding device such as dividing rotary table and conveyor belt can be selected to significantly improve the loading and unloading efficiency and the labeling efficiency.

Technical parameters:

model  The standard rate

5~15 m/min

Applicable label length


Labeling speed

15~25 pcs/min

Applicable label width



67 kg

Applicable product length


 The power supply

220V 50Hz

Applicable product width


 Power  145 w
Applicable product height


Air pressure


Applicable to outer diameter of marking volume Ø280mm

Labeling way

 Suction is stuck

Applicable to inside diameter of marking volume


The equipment size


Labeling accuracy




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