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Semi Automatic Disposable Medical Facial Mask Making Machine 3 Ply Nonwoven Surgical Face Mask Machine

This mask machine is composed of one set of feeding machine,one set of planar face panel making machine. When you loaded your 3 rolls of non-woven fabric,the entire roll of fabric will automatically unrolled and at the same time,the fabric automatically folded and wrapped.Nose bridge rolls unrolled by traction.


Equipment introduction:

This is a new type of equipment introduced by the factory according to the characteristics of flat masks.

The machine has a high degree of automation, a fast film output speed, a uniform film size, and a nose bridge strip with a medium distance and no damage to the material. Therefore, the quality of the masks produced is effectively guaranteed.


Equipment work/process flow: feeding of fabric film rolls-nose line implantation device-ultrasonic welding edging-folding-ultrasonic welding-cutting-finished product output (automatic counting)

Equipment  name: mask machine/ultrasonic mask machine/mask machine

Model : MZH-0308

Voltage: 220V

Speed: 110-200pcs/min

Use 20k2000w ultrasonic wave up to 110-120pcs/min

Use 15k2600w ultrasonic wave up to 200pcs/min

Packing size: L1900mm * W850mm * H1200

Weight with wooden box: 780kg

Applicable industries: disposable supplies and medical supplies


Provide customized processing NO Brand MZH
Type Mask slicer Model MZH-0308
Application Disposable masks,

Plane mask


Configuration and features:

  1. This machine is apart of  machine for fully automatic production of finished masks.

Welding masks by ultrasonic fusion. After manual coiling, it is fully automated and completed in one time without any manual operation.

  1. The size of the nose bridge and the length of the body can beadjustable according to customer requirements.
  2. Flat filming and high output, can produce 1~4 layers of PP spunbond non-woven fabric activated carbon and filter material layer masks according to customer requirements
  3. The folding position of the mask can be adjusted freely according to the requirements, and the positioning is accurate.
  4. Feeding system: The machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm.

The automatic feeding system, the tensioning wheel setting, adjust the tension of the cloth width, so as to effectively ensure the appearance and smoothness of the finished product.

  1. Control system: 1. Computer process control, photoelectric detection device, high stability and low failure rate.


  1. Automatic counting, can accurately control production efficiency and production schedule.


  1. Frequency conversion control, users can adjust the production speed according to actual needs.


  1. Rotating control box, the user can adjust the operation direction according to actual needs.
  2. Discharging system: photoelectric induction, automatic destaticizing device, automatic product receiving device.

Remarks: The Mask slicer  machine produces the export mask body,

According to the needs of the production needs to be configured (outer ear band spot welding machine, inner ear band spot welding edge wrapping machine, mask strapping machine) to produce a complete mask.

Mask samples::


Finished mask Show:


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