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MZH-C Plastic bottle date code inkjet printer machine

More efficient and stable spray printing:

It is guaranteed by the advanced technology of ink droplet location, phase tracking detection and adjustment.

DC high voltage system:

Avoid the unstable phenomenon of AC high voltage, and ensure that the equipment can be used better in humid environment.


MZH-C Plastic bottle date code inkjet printer machine

I.Advanced stability and reliability
Dual core three power processing system:
From power system to electronic storage and operation system, imported core components are adopted to ensure the safety and stability of equipment operation.
Closed loop ink circulation system:
The integrated circuit design is more in line with the national conditions: it can work normally under a wide range of voltage variation or strong electric interference.
typeface lattice constitute
5×5  7×5 8×8  12×12 16×16  24×24  (customized 32×32)
Spray-print lines
Available choose 1, 2,3 (4 customized)
Spray-print speed
1600 characters/second (7×5)
On Conveyor speed
4meters/second (7×5)
Spray direction
  360° All round jet printing
Printing material
paper, plastic, metal, glass, rubber, wood and other solid materials.
Type of printing characters
Arabic numerals, Chinese, English, graphic trademarks, etc.
Other functions
free sliding two-way inkjet printing function.
Spray printing function
1. A variety of mixed arrangement, sequence number, batch number, shift number, product count display and spray printing.
2. Date arrangement, real-time clock automatic change display printing
3. Information delay printing, repeated printing storage printing, reverse font adjustment printing.
4.1-9 times of character bold spray printing, 1-3 times of spacing adjustment, font height and width adjustment.
Mohist system
Power source
Single Mic (USA) gear pump + cleaning pump + recycling pump
Signal trigger mode
Sensor trigger, continuous automatic trigger, delay automatic trigger, synchronous meter trigger, external signal source trigger
Automatic cleaning function
 on-off automatic cleaning, spray chamber automatic cleaning and other four automatic cleaning modes
Viscosity control
automatic adjustment
Consumables addition:
 automatic addition and deployment
Available inks
basic ink, high adhesion, high temperature and pigment red, yellow, blue ink, invisible ink
Input display
7 inch color LCD, Chinese English interface text display
Communication interface
RS-232 interface, USB import interface
Working environment requirements
Working temperature / humidity
5-40°C Advise environmental temperature between 15°C and 25°C,10-90%RH(Advise 10-70%RH non-condensing)
Supply voltage
220V± 20V (AC circuit)
Chassis specification
Protection level
Control panel
Touch film button
Texture of material
304Stainless steel
Catheter length



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