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liquid water filling machine for lotion and oral liquid

Product Description

1. By world brand VVVF inverter adopts imported precision, and can be more laps potentiometer, flow adjusting dials lock stable accurate, error less than 0.5%, negative slant wide less than 1.5%.

2. Adopts imported stainless steel (316) magnetic gear pump, reliable quality life long.

3. Adopts stainless steel chassis, beautiful and delicate.

4. Responding to small volume, simple operation, easy cleaning and disinfection.

5. Adopts full functions, can be manually, can match the assembly line.

6. Responding to more filling, can match in sizes: single pump, double pump and four pump.

7. Responding to the type of liquid, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industries


liquid water filling machine for lotion and oral liquid


1. Adopt the world-famous-brand transducer, and multi-circle potentiometer adjustment to make the flux adjustment more stable and accurate.
2. Original imported magnetic gear pump with reliable quality and long lifetime.
3. Stainless engine box(304), and the parts which contact the liquid adopt 316L. Clean ,convenient, and dedicate.

4. Multi-functional and suitable for manual and automatic;
5. The filling scope is extend, and can be adjusted from 10ml to 5000ml.
6. The performance is stable and can fill the non-pellet liquid and low viscosity material.

Technical Parameter:


MZH-FI 1Nozzle

Filling volume




Filling precision


Power supply

220V 50/60Hz 110V

Machine size






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