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Laboratory high shear emulsifier homogenizing mixer

MZH-M type High shear emulsifying mixer, applicable to the biological, physical and chemical, cosmetics, health products and food, and other areas of the experiment.


Laboratory high shear emulsifier homogenizing mixer

Product description:

MZH-M high shear emulsifying mixer is suitable for experiments in the fields of biology, physics and chemistry, cosmetics,

health care products and food, etc.

The product design is novel and advanced, the output power is big, the running speed is fast, the experiment operation is simple.

Features :

1. With special steep slope speed control function, the test speed can be selected at any time within the speed range.

2. The unique structure of shear emulsification ensures that the rotor of the working head rotates at a high speed and the motor drives a high linear speed, resulting in strong fluid shear stress and severe mechanical effects on the frequency.

3. This state may be used for clearance flow to prevent a large number of medium rotation.

4. In a very small space, the performance is very high, and the efficiency is about one thousand times that of ordinary stirring.

5. Under the action of centrifugal force, the experimental materials can shear, tear, impact and mix tens of thousands of times per minute, so as to achieve the effect of shear emulsification.

6. Working head status or configuration of different specifications can meet different experimental needs.

7.Its distinctive features and functions, as well as factories, medical units, biological research, cosmetics, food processing, colleges and universities and other scientific research, product development, quality control and production process of application of the ideal equipment.

Technolgy Specification

Power AC 200V 50Hz
Input Power 5l0W
Output Power 300 W
Head Diameter  ø70mm
Max. Loading Capacity 5L
Speed Range 200~11000 r/min
Work Head Stat-or Configuration 5 mm2  20mm2  50mm2
Volume Range 40 L
Size of Main Frame 280×360×750mm
Application for liquid and suspended solid



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