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MZH-10000L liquid Heating mixing machine

Volume (L): 10000

Stirring power (kw): 15

Stirring speed (r/min): 0-42

Homogeneous power (kw): 30

Homogeneous rotational speed (r/min): 3000

Heating mode: steam or electric heating (optional)

Note: the data parameters of this device are inconsistent with technical improvement and customization.


MZH-10000L liquid Heating mixing machine

MZH series products are specially designed high performance liquid washing cookers based on mass production requirements. They are equipped with self-priming dissolving and dispersing devices. When they are produced, a large amount of raw materials can be invested in a few minutes when the production is switched on. At the same time, the feed is dispersed evenly and fully mixed in water, without producing a large amount of common artificial feeding. The phenomenon of bubble greatly shortens the production time and reduces energy consumption and reduces the labor intensity of workers, and applies all kinds of cold and hot ingredients technology.

This series of products have a variety of structural forms of impeller for selection, the pot body also has a variety of shapes, such as normal temperature or heating, normal pressure or vacuum. The product has the advantages of low energy consumption, strong adaptability and wide generality. It is an ideal equipment for production of liquid washing products.

1.The main structure of the heating homogenizing pot

The heating stirring pot is mainly composed of a main pot, a foot column, an electric system and a heating stirring system. Its main pot consists of heating and stirring system, temperature control probe, cooling water jacket, bottom outlet valve and so on.

2.The main characteristics of the heating homogeneous mixing pot

The heating stirring pot is mainly used for melting and mixing of materials. The material is slowly stirred by stirring blades in the main pot, and the material slowly mixed and melted together with the increase of the temperature inside the pot. When the mixing time is up to the requirements of the process standard, the mixing is stopped and the bottom valve of the pot is opened. The operation is convenient, simple, and the equipment is reliable.

3.The main use of heating homogeneous mixing pot

MZH heating agitator is mainly used in the production of water agent products of cosmetics and pharmaceutical enterprises, including shampoo, bath dew, hand washing liquid, detergent and so on. It can also be used as a liquid dispenser for pharmaceutical enterprises. Because the materials that they contact with materials are made of high quality SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel, they also have the characteristics of safety and material not being polluted. It is very popular with the vast majority of users.


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