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Hand sanitizer alcohol gel bottle filling and capping labeling machine

Hand sanitizer Filling and capping machine is suitable for filling and capping of semi-liquid products without small particles: sweet pepper sauce, beef sauce, bean paste, mushroom sauce, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, honey, sauce, shrimp paste, shampoo , Shower gel, liquid detergent, dishwashing liquid, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, etc.


Hand sanitizer alcohol gel bottle filling and capping labeling machine

I.Manufacturing parts

Hand Sanitizer Gel Bottle Filling Machine uses internationally renowned brands of electric companies, steel bottles use FESTO brand and mother magnetic meters, and uses Japan’s Mitsubishi or Taiwan Delta PLC computer and Germany’s Delixi or Schneider Electric. Contact with SUS 316L stainless steel.


Filling Range 200-2000 (ml)
Bottling Speed 30-80 (B/MIN)
Accuracy Of Gauge ±15g
Nominal Power 0.75 (kw)
Working Voltage 220V
Working Pressure 5~7(kg/cm)
Gas Consumption 0.5 (m3/min)
Net Weight 650kg
Overall Dimension 3000×870×1700mm

1.MZH-Bottle filling and capping machine is easy for machine maintenance. Very Easy to remove and clean without any tools, and easy to adjust. When it adjusts the measured value, first adjust the value to a wide range, and then fine-tune to achieve accurate measurement and ensure that the bottle is full or the bottle is full. If there is a shortage, do not use a clean gel disinfectant filler.
2. The machine’s filling system uses a card sleeve type quick installation sanitary joint. Features:Easily disassemble, assemble and clean the entire cylinder without using any tools. Its characteristics are simple structure design, convenient operation and maintenance.

IV.Technical  parameter

Filling volume(ml) Productivity(b/h) Filling speed Filling precision Air supply
10-50 1500-3500 adjustable   ≤  ± 1% 0.4-0.8mpa
80-300 1500-3000 adjustable ≤  ± 1% 0.4-0.8mpa
100-500 1500-2500 adjustable ≤  ± 1% 0.4-0.8mpa
300-1000 1500-2500 adjustable ≤  ± 1% 0.4-0.8mpa
1000-5000 1000-2000 adjustable ≤  ± 1% 0.4-0.8mpa


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