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Automatic Weighing 4 linears scale packaging machine

This weighing packaging machine  is mainly suitable for packaging fine particles with good fluidity such as white sugar, Peanuts, almonds, walnuts,seeds and seasoning


Automatic Weighing 4 linears scale packaging machine


Our Automatic Weighing scale packaging machine is Suitable for the packaging of a variety of products;Such as puffs, shrimp rolls, peanuts, popcorn, corn flour, dried fruit, seeds, hardware, dumplings, vegetables, fruits, sugar, etc.

Technical parameters:

1. PLC control, stable and reliable biaxial high-precision output and color touch screen, bag making, metering, filling, printing and cutting are completed in one time.

2. Independent circuit box for pneumatic control and power control.Low noise, more stable circuit.

3. Double belt servo motor film pulling: low film pulling resistance, good bag forming, beautiful appearance, and durable belt.

4. Release mechanism of outer membrane :simp6.Closed mechanism to prevent powder from entering the machine. and it’s easier to install packing film.

5. The adjustment of bag deviation only needs to be controlled by the touch screen.The operation is very simple.



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