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MZH-S Stainless Panel Steel water tank food tank, cream tank



♦  Guangzhou made MZH-S water Storage Tank 1000 liter  material for the 316 stainless steel, single-layer, 4mm, flat-bottomed four imports Caster support structure, beautiful and generous.Sealed tank, can keep product clean.

♦ on the openings, flat structure, and species at the bottom of a press contact shape, no dead ends, with a ball valve 316 can be used to connect the filling machine.

♦ Health-class pipe fittings used, 400EMSH polishing health class


MZH-S Stainless Panel Steel water tank food tank, cream tank



Overall Dimension for food grade stainless steel tank


Use of Pressure Vessels


Reaction pressure vessel


Heat Exchanger Pressure Vessels


Separation pressure vessel


Storage pressure vessel


Production: Specific products to be customized according to customer requirements Technical standards


Materials are all sanitary stainless steel .


Humanized structure design and easy to operate .


Transition area of interior wall on tank adopts arc for transition to ensure no dead comer of sanitation .


II.Technical specification

1. Easy to move

2. Beautiful appearance; firm and durable character

3. Made of  stainless steel

Mode MZH-S-100 MZH-S-200 MZH-S-500 MZH-S-1000 MZH-S-5000 MZH-S-20000



500L 1000L 5000L



304/316L stainless steel



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