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Up-homogenizer Vacuum emulsifying mixer

It is suitable for stable homogeneous emulsification.

The produced material is very small.

The quality of the emulsification depends on how the particles are dispersed during the preparation stage.

The MZH-VT turbine emulsifier has good performance in guaranteeing the high quality of the final product.


Up-homogenizer Vacuum emulsifying mixer


◆For materials of super high viscosity (above 50,000C.P.S), recommends the use of corresponding high viscosity emulsifying homogenizer.

◆Raw materials can be directly sucked into the groove by the machine.

◆The machine is provided with vacuum, hydraulic pressure, heating, cooling and other functions.

◆Emulsifying, blending and dispersion can be completed within a short period of time.

◆Slow speed blade type blending and high speed homogenizing systems are provided with frequency conversion control.

◆Users can select pushbutton control or PLC touch screen system.

◆Parts that contact materials are made of stainless steel SS316L. The whole equipment conforms to GMP standard.

◆Blending is carried out under vacuum to effectively ensure the emulsifying effect.

◆The equipment is provided with the CIP cleaning device, which can conveniently use the self-contained CIP cleaning system of users to clean the equipment.

Product introduction

The MZH-VT-10L-1000L type vacuum emulsifier is an imported advanced technology, which is specially designed according to the ointment technology of cosmetics and ointment products. It is composed of emulsified mixing pot, vacuum system, hydraulic system and electrical control system.

Basic configuration and technical parameters of the whole machine

The whole system consists of emulsification stirring pot, vacuum system, double cylinder oil column hydraulic system and electrical appliance control system.

Emulsified agitator:

Working volume 1000L, material SUS316L stainless steel, electric heating / steam heating, water cooling two.

There are three sets of agitator in the pot.

Shear jet emulsification mixer, power 15KW speed 0 – 3500r/min, (frequency conversion timing)

Slow frame scraper mixer, power 4KW speed 0 – 40 r/min? (frequency conversion timing)

Slow reverse mixer, motor and slow scraper mixer for the same motor, (rotate speed is 0-40r/min).

The device attached to the tank: the liquid intake port with stainless steel pipe filter, solid feeding port, vacuum port, compressed air inlet, broken air entrance, view mirror, temperature sensor, CIP cleaning head, outlet, dustproof aseptic breathing device;

Preconditioning cooker (no)

Capacity (Shui Xiangguo) 800L; (oil pan) 600L each one

vacuum system

Use of water ring vacuum pump

Hydraulic system

It includes two cylinder oil cylinder, solenoid valve, overflow valve, fuel tank and pressure retaining valve.

Electrical control system (options)

PLC touch screen control / button control

Whole machine technical parameter

1 volume volume whole volume: 1300 L

2 volume body use volume: 1000 L

3 minimum production 300L

4 standard size: 3870 * 3800 x 3100mm/4650mm

5 total net weight: 6300kg, host weight: 3500kg

6 Volume: vertical forward flange connection, equipped with double jacket.

7 steam heating: double jacket cooling with indirect system: cold water.

8 The use of volume body: atmospheric state / vacuum.

9 body base: welded, high mirror polishing.

10 cover: flange connection, can be lifted.

11 speed of slow mixing system: 0-40 r/min. 4KW (frequency conversion speed)

12 fast homogeneous mixing system speed: 0-3500 r/min. 15KW (frequency conversion timing)

13 vacuum pump installation Power: 4KW.

14 container jacket working pressure: 0.09Mpa

15 total installed power: 29KW (only standard equipment, no other options)

16 power requirements: 380V, 50HZ.

17 allowed voltage fluctuations: + / – 5%.

18 low voltage control: 24V Olts

19 protection: ordinary.

20 water consumption of liquid ring vacuum pump: 6L/ min.

21 rack height adjustable + / – 10.

22 air suction device for a ventilating motor.

23 low voltage security protection (24 volts).

24 equipment manufacturing meets the GMP standard.

25 The body is made of all SUS304 stainless steel.

26 all parts contacting with the material are 316L stainless steel and mirror polished.


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